The Chicago Lady’s Summer Survival Kit

This morning we stepped out with fresh hair and makeup. By lunchtime we were feeling red, shiny and frizzy. Know the feeling? Let these ten summer beauty essentials be your shield.

Non-greasy sunscreen

No more excuses. Glossier has made sunscreen for people who hate sunscreen with this lightweight gel formula. No grease, no veil, no problem.

Oil-free moisturizer

Full foundation can leave our skin feeling trapped with all the heat. We’ve taken it out of rotation in favor of a lightweight tinted moisturizer like this Laura Mercier one (with SPF 20), which gives a pretty, even and protective finish.

Shine-proof finishing powder

We love a dewy glow, but the heat has us downright shining. Enter Make Up Forever’s microfinishing powder to matte-ify your face.

Waterproof mascara

The GOAT mascara in a waterproof formula. Need we say more? We’ll say more: You can get it at any drugstore.

Long-wear eyeliner

This isn’t Carrie . Let’s keep that eyeliner in place with the only gel liner worth messing with. (Thank you, Bobbi Brown.) It’s easy to apply and won’t budge when you sweat.

Backup deodorant

Even if you applied in the morning, the summer heat has a way of getting our bodies to surprise us; keep a spare stick in your purse.

Dry shampoo at night

Just because it’s hot out doesn’t mean you have to start washing your hair every day. Keep your locks fresh by giving them a spritz before bedtime.

Anti-humidity spray

Until we can hire a full-time hairstylist to follow us around, we’ll be counting on this AG Anti-Humidity Spray (aka our savior). It creates an invisible shield around hair to lock out frizz and keep it feeling soft and supple.

Chafe shield

If you refuse to wear pants all summer (like us), you might want to invest in this friction-reducing wonder that keeps thighs from chafing when you’re wearing a sundress.

Blur cream

For when the day is getting the best of you, apply a midday touch-up of this magic stuff and suddenly you’re as fresh-faced as an Instagram filter…seriously. This handy stick from Milkmakes it super easy to toss in your bag and carry around all day.

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