How to Fake a Night’s Sleep in 6 Easy Steps

New baby? Noisy neighbors? Best friend’s going-away party? Whatever the reason for your late night, we’ve got a six-step beauty routine that will conceal the consequences. (Just try to go to bed earlier tonight.)

Brighten All Over

Breathe new life into dull, tired skin with a Freeman’s overnight brightening mask. Vitamin C softens splotches, while hibiscus hydrates thirsty skin. Didn’t plan that far ahead? Skin Inc. has an option that works in ten minutes.

Soften Under-Eye Bags and Circles

Somehow, the stuff that helps you drift off at night also wakes you up come morning. Steep two bags of chamomile, everyone’s favorite sleepytime tea, cool them down quickly in the freezer and press them on your eyes for ten minutes. Dab on a bit of under-eye concealer, like Laura Mercier’s Candleglow Concealer and Highlighter, and your under-eye circles are gone-ish.

Neutralize Redness

There’s nothing like a poor night’s sleep (or a few too many cocktails) to leave us blotchy and red. That’s when we grab Make Up For Ever’s green, color-correcting concealer ($20) and apply it to key points around the nose and mouth.

Create A Rosy Glow

OK, this may seem odd after you’ve smeared green on your face to neutralize redness, but trust us. Nothing makes you look more full of pep than a touch of blush in the right places. We’re loving Glossier’s new Cloud Paint. Tap it onto the apples of your cheek and blend outward along the cheekbone.

Highlight Strategic Points

Luminizer, like cult favorite RMS Beauty Living Luminizer, is your best friend on these days. Along with the peaks of your cheekbones, dab some in the inner corners of your eyes to instantly open. Another surprising spot is in the center of your lower lash line. Here it draws attention to the center of your eye rather than the shadows beneath.

Lengthen Lashes

Today is no day to skip mascara. It Cosmetics Superhero makes lashes look wider and longer. The brush precisely coats each one from root to tip so there’s no clumping.

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