Glow Primer Is Your Secret Age-Erasing Weapon (Even Without Foundation)

Next to applying a nightly sheet mask or walking around misting ourselves with Evian, Palm Springs-style, the quickest way to that dewy, youthful look (not oily, but glowing) is to use a luminizing primer. Applied under foundation or on otherwise naked skin, its light-reflecting formula instantly takes off five to ten years. There’s one for every skin type…so say goodbye to the last few years (except for the fun parts).

Best for Dull Skin

Wear it under makeup or alone for barely-there glow.

Best to Hide Pores

This slightly pink, not-too-heavy lotion makes you look like you’ve got a light post-exercise flush. But without any exertion. So yeah, we love this one.

Best for Dry Skin

Made to keep makeup from sliding off actors’ faces during long days on set, this formula contains hyaluronic acid and shea butter. Places!

Best for Firming Up Skin

Not only are you getting a radiant, slightly peachy complexion from Kate Moss’s makeup artist, but you’re also improving sagging skin thanks to active peptides…whatever those are.

Best for Sun-Sensitive Skin

You’re paying a little more, but this dermatologist brand minimizes fine lines and wrinkles while protecting you from UVA and UVB damage. We can’t resist a two-in-one.

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