8 Ways Your Hair Might Be Aging You (and Great Fixes)

Followed by your radiant charisma, your hair—its texture, color and condition—is the first thing people notice, even before your face. And sometimes, though you might not realize it, your do can send little hints about your overall health and age into the universe. Here’s seven ways your hair might be aging you and how to get your hair to tell the story you want it to.

It’s frizzy

Stop the violence of your brutal towel assaults. Because as hair ages, the cuticle gets weaker, making it snag on rough cotton towels, resulting in micro-frizz. Use a hair towel or turban when you’re just out of the shower, since its specially engineered fibers help each strand lie flat.

There’s no shine

The problem? Buildup. Treat your hair to a clarifying shampoo once a week, or if your hair is super-fried, once a month. And after every regular shampoo, rinse your hair in cold water—it closes the hair shaft, which reflects light, which equals: shine.

It’s thinning

Hair thins as we age, but no need to lean into that. While volumizing agents like mousse work short-term, overuse of them might also age your hair by making it appear duller (it roughens up hair surface). Better to treat the issue systemically with a supplement that contains biotin, which strengthens nails and thickens hair.

Your blonde has gone brassy

Minerals in your water and sun exposure can cause brassy tones in blonde hair, which reflect back on your skin and make it look sallow. (And just sort of cheap.) Use a weekly violet-colored shampoo to tone down the warmth.

Or your brown has gone orange-y

Darker hair shows age, too—it gets weird orange and red highlights from exposure to sun and chemicals, so a shampoo with blue and green tones will re-balance those off colors.

It’s damaged from the sun

Sun and chlorine exposure suck the moisture out of your ends. Fight this two ways by using a UV protectant that doubles as a styling cream. So while it’s smoothing, it’s protecting. (Real talk: Leave this in your car to smooth into your messy beach waves while you’re stuck in traffic.)

There’s breakage

Strengthen your hair with an at-home moisturizing keratin treatment, the secret sauce used in salon treatments.

And of course… the unwanted grays

OK, maybe gray is the new 30, but while you’re waiting for your whole head to grow into Daenerys Targaryen-level splendor, you’ll want to cover up your hairline. A spray formula lets you spritz color just where you need it, then smooth with your fingertips (so have your wipes ready).

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