6 Ways to Create Your Own Private Space, No Contractor Required

Just having your own quiet little corner of home means so much. (The general rule of thumb: As privacy increases, shouting decreases.) From a simple newfangled hanging pod-hammock to a strategically placed hedge, you have choices today. See our favourites.

She Shed

As long as it’s under 150 square feet, you don’t need to pull a permit or pour a slab. Which means if you grab a hammer now, by the weekend you can have your own little fortress in the backyard.

Enclosed Hammock

Love the feel of swaying in a hammock but don’t like feeling all exposed? Voilà, the Cacoon is your gumdrop-shaped solution to hang from a sturdy tree or its own stand.

Plant A Willow Den

If conditions are right (damp, not too sunny) to grow willow trees, you can mold their branches into a dome shape that’s right out of The Wind in the Willows .

Create A Meditation Moment

Why not seal in the concrete floor and throw down a few cushions to turn the carport into a meditation area? A few translucent shades pulled down will discourage those chatty neighbors from breaking the spell.

Install A Folding Screen

Maybe you’ll choose a formal lacquered antique. Or maybe you’ll opt to stain a few hollow doors to match your decor and screw them together. Whatever: The kids will learn not to interrupt mommy when her screen’s up.

Create A Closet Desk

Need your own desk but don’t have a home office where you can hide the clutter? Take the doors off a closet, replace the rod with shelves and push in an inexpensive desk. Be sure to hang some solid curtains so that when projects like taxes are too much, you can just walk away.

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