6 Reasons You Need to Stop Washing Your Hair Every Day

We know the fear: If you don’t wash your hair every day, you’ll turn into a garbage person. Well, it’s time to look that fear in the eye because there are actually plenty of benefits to cutting down on how often you’re sudsing. So grab a shower cap and listen up. Here are 6 very persuasive reasons to wash your hair less frequently.

1. Your braids, curls and updos will stay put.
Clean hair is the enemy when it comes to preserving a style. But a couple days’ worth of oil and dust act like a natural setting agent when you want your locks to lock.

2. Your travel look will definitely improve.
If you skip the washing, you won’t have to worry about places with hard water–water that’s high in mineral content–causing that scaly film that makes your hair look dull, dry and tangled. Gross. Pro tip: Bring along a mini-size Klorane dry shampoo.

3. You’ll restore your hair’s natural luster.
Natural oils are the difference between a dull and a glossy coat. But they need time to build up. Every time you wash, you’re starting back at zero.

4. You’ll save a lotta money.
Using less shampoo means purchasing less shampoo. Duh. But if you color your hair, this is a double win. Even if you use shampoos specially formulated for dyed and bleached hair, you’re still going to fade and stress weakened follicles. So less washing means fewer touch-ups. Boom. Money in the bank.

5. You’ll get more texture.
Oh, and those natural oils? They also keep hair thick and full of body. Give your hair some breathing room between washes to fatten up.

6. You’ll save so. Much. Time.
Think of all the hours you spend drying your wet hair. Now cut that time in half. Your calendar suddenly opens up, and you’ve never looked better. Win-win.

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