6 Easy Foundation Tricks We Stole from the Professionals

It took you years to find the perfect foundation. And now you have to switch it up when you get a tan or want to try something luminous or even just cover up redness? Um, no thanks. Instead, try one of these six miracle products that you simply add to your base. It’s what makeup artists have been doing for years–and now you can get that pro look at home.

Longing for A Tan?

Just walking around Los Angeles you’ll get some color, but if you want a dependable, even hue that says “It’s summer, and I’m just back from Cabo,” you’ll need to use self-tanner. Mix a few drops of self-tanning serum into your moisturizer and voilà: In an hour your face will appear to have been enhanced by Instagram’s Toaster filter.

Need to Even Out Splotchy Skin?

Sorry, nobody has a perfectly even-toned canvas to start with, but a tinted color-correction serum can fake that. If your skin looks red, apply a few drops of green to your makeup in that area. Looking sallow around your cheeks? Add a few blue drops. There is pink (for dullness) and apricot (for dark circles), too.

Need Your Skin to Look More Luminous?

Want that ever-so-perfect shine? Mix a few drops of Elcie Glow Enhancer into your foundation–it’s a dry face oil that has the tiniest bit of shimmer to soften fine lines and make you look dewy, not greasy.

Want to Contour, But Not Look Cubist?

Let’s be real: It’s nearly impossible to know where to put those dark stripes of cheek color. Instead, concentrate on where you want to highlight and mix a pea-sized dollop of moisturizing MAC Strobe Cream into the makeup you apply to your forehead, cheekbones and chin. There, now you’ve got cheekbones!

Want to Get Rid Of Your Pores?

You know how you’re looking all shiny by midday? And how your pores seem to have slurped up all your foundation and are triumphantly showing themselves in all their crater-like glory? We exaggerate, but add a little bit of water-based gel Benefit Porefessional to your T-zone makeup. All of a sudden, you look like you’ve had dermabrasion. You know, post-swelling.

Want to Add Highlights?

First apply your base foundation everywhere, then mix a little of Honest Beauty Balm with your foundation and apply to the top of your cheekbones and brow bones. The soft oils will shine a little–but not too much, since you’ve mixed it with color.

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