5 Skin Care Services Every Chicago Girl should Know

There are common skin care concerns that come with, you know, living in Chicago. But let’s not dwell on the stress of city living, the whipping winds, the [insert kvetch here]. Instead, turn your attention our list of skin savers. It will tell you exactly where to go to get all dewy and refreshed. So go on: Put your best face forward.

Dull Skin: Mud’s “Fresh” Facial

No wonder you’re tired: There are just so many damn things to do in this city–concerts, comedy, sports. But if your skin could use some R&R.  At the River North facial studio, the “Fresh” facial uses lemon and–yep–kale to perk up tired, dull-looking skin.

Inflammation: Allyu Spa’s Infrared Detox Body Wrap

Remember that thing about city living? t causes stress. Which can cause– you guessed it–inflammation. (Don’t worry; we’ve all been there.) Allyu’s Infrared Detox Body Wrap starts with dry brushing, which preps skin to absorb healing oils. You’ll chill in the infrared sauna (heat, ah), and then you’ll just continue to chill during a 60-minute massage

Bacne: Exhale’s Back + Face Facial

When getting to and from anywhere in the city is a workout in and of itself, sometimes, your back might need a facial. (They call it “bacne” for a reason, folks.) At Exhale, a new treatment starts with a back cleanse that sloughs off dead skin cells; then, the too-kind tech will perform extractions in the hard-to-reach areas. You’ll get a hydrating facial, too.

Dry Lips: Acchaa’s “Lush Lips”

We know the Windy City nickname doesn’t actually refer to wind, but, look, it does get windy here and that can totally ruin it for your lips. But in its salt-rock-lit treatment rooms, the dreamy ayurvedic spa offers a 15-minute Lush Lips treatment as an add-on to any of its facials. The service uses a hydrating mask, specially formulated for lips, to decrease the appearance of those pesky fine lines. Pucker up.

Overall Dryness: Spa Soak’s “Seaweed Body Glow”

And here’s the mother of all Chicago skin concerns: dryness. (Not to bash our city, but it is cold and windy for much of the year.) The Bucktown spa has a wrap that uses seaweed to remove dead skin and infuse your dewy new limbs with minerals, vitamins, lipids, essential amino acids and more.

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